Alexandra "Sasha" Gavryushkina


My research interests are in genomics data analysis and developing statistical and computational methods for such analyses. In particular, I have developed Bayesian MCMC methods for reconstructing phylogenetic trees and evolutionary parameters. Such methods are applicable to different types of data, such as genetic sequence data, fossil character data, cell expression data and other data and therefore help answer questions in evolutionary biology, paleontology, epidemiology, immunology, and other areas. I have also been developing variant scoring methods that are used in genotype-phenotype association studies.

I am currently a research fellow at BioDS lab at University of Canterbury. Previously, I have worked in Paul Garnder's group and  Tanja Stadler's groupI have a PhD degree in Computational biology from the University of Auckland (supervised by Alexei Drummond) and a PhD degree in Mathematics from Novosibirsk State University (Sobolev Institute of Mathematics).